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12 Mar

1 Day Condition of Financing


Posted by: David Lloyd

Yes, 1 day!

  1. Have you lost a deal in the past when a buyer told you they were pre-approved only to came back and tell you they couldn’t get financing?

  2. Have you lost in a multiple offering due to your 5 – 10 day financing condition?

  3. Would you win more multiple offers and/or save buyers money if your offers had just a 1 Day condition of financing?

  4. How many purchases in the Kingston area are going into multiple offers?

My procedure will both virtually eliminate pre-approves falling through and allow you to make offers with as little as 1 Day condition of financing (potentially even 0 days). From now on forget about pre-approvals. Moving forward you’ll work with clients that are FULLY APPROVED!

More information

  • Who can qualify?
    • Most anyone that qualifies for an ‘A’ (big bank) mortgage.
  • What properties qualify
    • Any residential properties in quality condition will work. However, rural properties may require more time (est. 3 business days) only due to the potential of an appraisal being required.
  • Are the rates any good?
    • Rates are competitive
  • Who are the lenders?
    • There are a select number of large well-known quality lenders involved
  • What’s the catch?
    • No catch. I just need to take a regular application and collect the appropriate documents for the buyers

Contact me directly if you have more questions or concerns.

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